Conference Themes

European Conference on Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence Across the Life

  • Children and young people who live with DVA
  • Violence and abuse in teenage relationships
  • Young person to parent domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and older people

Responding to Domestic Violence: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

  • Improving the Responses to Male Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Multi-agency working: Domestic abuse, Child Protection and/or Criminal Justice
  • What works with persons perpetrating domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and Health 
  • Services responses to domestic violence 
  • Police responses to Domestic Violence 
  • Approaches to prevention and intervention with children and young people

Intersectional approaches to understanding Domestic Violence

  • Honour based violence 
  • Domestic violence and LGBTQI issues
  • Domestic violence involving minority communities 
  • Domestic violence in the context of migration/human trafficking 
  • Forced marriage 
  • Disability, Dibility and Domestic Violence 

Forms and Contexts of Violence

  • Domestic Violence and the Covid-19: learning to take forward  
  • Technology facilitated Domestic Violence  
  • Domestic Homicide 
  • Stalking  
  • Post-separation contact and Domestic Violence 

Researching Domestic Violence

  • Evaluations of services aimed at prevention, intervention and/or recovery
  • Approaches to the Measurement of Domestic Violence
  • Innovative methods and methodologies for engaging ‘hard to reach’ populations
  • Research Ethics: Challenges and Opportunities

Open session

  • My topic does not fit any of the above