Formats of Conference Presentations

European Conference on Domestic Violence

Formats of Conference Presentations

The conference has a very full and varied programme.


A symposium is a session lasting 90 minutes that includes between three and five papers that address a common theme. Each symposium is organised by a convenor and there may also be an additional discussant. We encourage delegates to attend the whole of the symposium and to participate in the discussion.


Workshop sessions last for 90 minutes. A workshop is a session involving interactive learning and the dissemination of training and/ or skills, rather than an extended lecture.

Oral paper sessions

Oral papers are grouped together in a chaired session. Each presentation in an oral paper session will last 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for discussion and questions).

Poster presentations

Posters will be on display throughout Congress. We encourage poster presenters to stand at their poster during some of the refreshment breaks so that delegates can talk to them about their work. Please follow these guidelines for the posters:
    • Posters have to be size A0 (85 cm wide and 120 cm high- portrait orientation).
    • Poster should be printed in high resolution. Please do not print the poster on a fabric, to make it easier to hang the poster on the poster wall.
    • Each poster presenter is responsible for printing their poster and bringing it to the meeting.
    • Each poster must have a presenter who is required to stand by the poster during the scheduled duration of the poster session to answer questions from attendees.